Meet Your Coach

Hello, I’m James, a seasoned Career and Mindset Transformation Coach with a  25-year background in financial services, consulting, banking, and FinTech, spanning C-suite roles in diverse international settings across three continents. My extensive corporate experience includes key leadership roles like COO and CEO, where I specialized in organizational excellence, team leadership, governance, strategic planning, and delivering outstanding results for major global firms.

My extensive exposure to managing relationships and guiding individuals at various career stages – from securing promotions and transitioning to new roles, to switching industries – laid the groundwork for my expertise in performance coaching, long before I specialized in Career and Mindset Coaching.

My transition to a Career and Life Mindset Transformation Coach was driven by four core motivations:

  • A deep-seated passion for helping individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs that are sabotaging their success and personal fulfilment.
  • A dedication and commitment to guide individuals towards gaining crystal-clear clarity on their life’s direction, rather than feeling like they’re endlessly running on a hamster wheel.
  • A genuine desire to share the valuable insights and experiences I have accumulated and learnt from my career and journey
  • An ambition to bring positive transformations to other people’s lives, helping them to discover and fulfil their true potential.

Choosing to work with me offers the unique advantage of learning from someone who has not only achieved significant career milestones but has also played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of numerous clients. I am committed to helping people reshape their mindsets and achieve their personal and professional goals.

I firmly believe in the immense potential within each individual, regardless of their location or background. My coaching approach aims to empower individuals to conquer their most significant barrier – their own mindset. My mantra, “Change your mindset, change your life,” reflects this belief. The coaching methodology I use is distinct, blending various models focused on solution-finding and leveraging strengths. It’s a method that combines my extensive business acumen, empathetic coaching style, and a profound grasp of personal development.

To truly reach your goals, YOU need to commit. This means challenging your thinking, embracing discomfort in pursuit of your aspirations, and holding yourself accountable. My group and personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions provide the necessary tools and framework for unlocking your full potential.

But the real work, the transformation, is up to you. I am here to guide you in crafting a results-driven strategy, igniting your motivation, mastering your time, and achieving your objectives.


James is recognized as a leading Mindset Coach by the Coach Foundation.