Accountability Coaching

Helping you stick to your short-term intentions so that you can reach your long-term goals.

Do you feel like a hampster on a wheel every day?

How often do you set out your goals only to struggle with the motivation and consistency to take the steps to achieve them?

Do you wake up and get your actions done for 1 or 2 days and then just stop?

You have the right intention and thoughts but are unable to follow through with them?

You are not alone! Many people struggle when they are only accountable to themselves.

If it is only too easy to ignore that nagging voice reminding you to do all the things you planned to do, then it is time to consider the accountability coaching program with James Edwards

This accountability coaching program will HELP YOU BUILD CONSISTENCY AND WIN EACH DAY, EVERY DAY.

It is time to maximize your daily productivity

As your very own accountability coach, I will help you…

*Stay organized and productive

*Plan and take action on your most important tasks

*Become more focused and disciplined

*Build success habits that stick

*Overcome challenges and setbacks

*Feel motivated and focused

*Grow your business and hit your revenue goals

*Follow through on your commitments and projects

This accountability coaching is the difference between dreaming and achieving!

How does it work:

Initially we complete the one off “Find your treasure” session mapping out your goals and game plan for success.

We will meet bi-weekly and outline the planned actions and priorities

Bi-weekly progress check-ins through a communication channel of your choice

At the end of every 2 nd week, we review the progress vs the plan

Celebrate the weekly wins

All this for £100 per month. No long term contracts

Don't get bogged down by life’s obstacles; let's tackle them head on.

Shift your mindset and learn proven strategies to maximize your productivity, focus and results.