I overheard a friend talking to a prospective client over the phone, and I can tell from the tone of the conversation that it is not going to convert into a client relationship. Though he hoped for a good relationship, it never happened.

Most times, I hear people say I hope I can buy a big house, I hope I can buy a car or change my vehicle to a new one. None of these can strike a familiar chord. Most of us have been there. We have hoped for this and that but did nothing to achieve it.

Hope is not a strategy to experience a turnaround or success in business and endeavours. To succeed in life and business, you must go beyond hope to having a good plan plus the right mindset. Hope can turn into mere verbal wishes when nothing is done to make it a reality.

To succeed in life and business, you must have a good plan. This is the first step to success. Having a good plan is a guide and direction that will work you through the journey of success. No business succeeds without a laydown plan. You must have a plan and be determined to follow the procedure accordingly if you must be a success. It is said that anyone that does not have a plan does not have a direction. Such a person does things the way it pleases, but if you have a plan, you will be guided. You will take the lay down steps to ensure your dreams come through.


The essence of planning is to develop a blueprint for growth. In a business for instance, the management team needs to create a vision for a larger and more profitable business. Planning helps to make good decisions about the best use of the company’s resources. It provides the information needed by the management team to prioritize expenditure.

It is hard for a company with an excellent plan to make poor choices like wasting resources on entering a market with high competitors with insurmountable advantages. To be a success in business and other endeavours, having a good plan will help you:

⦁ Discover opportunities

⦁ Manage your resources

⦁ Coordinate efforts

⦁ Continue to improve

Having the right mindset is another trigger to success. It is hard to succeed without the right mindset. Having the right mindset will help you take every necessary step to success.

There is this saying that “when you change your thinking, you change your action”. Your thinking affects your actions, so having the right mindset in business and everything you do will always bring the positive result you desire .



Mindsets differentiate across those who succeed and those who do not. Having the right mindset makes the difference in achieving success in any area of your life.

Having the right mindset helps you see positivity and energizes you to achieve success in your endeavours. A successful mindset triggers strategic thinking, builds self-esteem and empowers you. Having the right mindset can do a lot to help you see success in all you do. When you have the right mindset, you:

⦁ See problems as challenges that will be solved

⦁ Take actions despite doubts or fear

⦁ Stay grounded and calm in stressful situations

⦁ Become proactive and decisive

⦁ Resilient to stress and pressures

Yes, It is normal to hope, but it is not a strategy for success.

To succeed in life, you must go beyond hoping and take steps that will help you achieve your dreams. You must have a plan and the right mindset if you must succeed. Instead of hoping, get a plan and have the right mindset. With this in place, success is sure.

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